Whatís Next
If we can be of service we will email you an Excel spreadsheet.

There are several different tabs at the bottom. Click on each:
When we prepare your cost report you can call us if you have any questions whatsoever.
  • Letter of Engagement
    Print form (make sure in page setup that itís formatted to 1 page wide)
    Sign and date
    Mail form with a check for $195
  • Provider Data
    Enter data (it will transfer to the other spreadsheets)
  • Questionnaire
    Complete and fax to (979) 733-0015
  • Requested Data
    Start accumulating.
    Overnight to our offices in Columbus as soon as possible
    (especially the summary trial balance)
  • All other Spreadsheets
    Email, or print and fax, or print and mail
We want this to go as smoothly as possible.